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PAGE21 Young Researcher Exchange program

mammut final p21 smallEddy, the PAGE21 mammothOne of the overall objectives of the PAGE21 project is to train a new generation of permafrost scientists who will bridge the long-standing gap between permafrost field science and global climate modeling. For that purpose the project has fostered several young researcher activities that aim to bring the young scientists together and facilitate interaction and collaboration between institutions and disciplines.

The PAGE21 Young Researchers Exchange Program is one of these activities. It aims to bring about cooperation through YR exchange visits in PAGE21 institutions.

For whom?

All PAGE21 funded PhD students and Post-Doctoral researchers are eligible for the funding.

To where?

Travel to any of the PAGE21 participant institutions.

For what?

The program primarily funds exchange that aims at implementing one or several of the project Deliverables and Milestones. It is intended for individuals, not to fund other initiatives, and can cover travel and accommodation.


Whenever. Just keep in mind that the administrative process at AWI can take up to 4 weeks. Apply timely!

How much?

The maximum amount of funding for one YR for one exchange is 500 €. The final amount will be calculated according to the real costs, but never more than 500€ will be reimbursed. Each YR can apply for three separate exchange visits, but priority will always be given to YRs who are applying for their first visit. The PAGE21 project budget has resources for a total of 20 maximum funded visits.

How to apply?

Send your application (max. 2 pages) to PAGE21 project office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Mention at least the following:

- Name, home institution, position
- A short summary of biographical information (education, other scientific work)
- PAGE21 WPs and Tasks you are involved in
- Planned exchange (institution, dates, researchers visited)
- Objective of the exchange, especially mention the relevant PAGE21 deliverables and milestones
- Estimated costs of the exchange
- Possible other funding

What happens after the YR is awarded funding?

Before the exchange

The YRs themselves are responsible for doing all practical arrangements regarding their exchange. The PAGE21 project office will need following information two weeks before the travel (at the latest):

a. Travel dates
b. Total costs AND separately costs for travel and accommodation
c. Account number (IBAN and BIC / SWIFT code) for the reimbursement
After the exchange

The reimbursement can be obtained only after the actual exchange, provided that PAGE21 project office is provided with all following information / receipts:
a. All original receipts, including hotel receipts, receipt for flight tickets, boarding passes to flights, any public transportation tickets
    Please, send them to the project office to following address:
PAGE21 Project Office c/o Leena-Kaisa Viitanen
Alfred Wegener Institute
Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Telegrafenberg A43
14473 Potsdam, Germany
Building A05-1
The YR must report to ExCom about the exchange no later than 2 weeks after the exchange. The 2-page report should summarize the following:
- Name, position and home institution
- Objectives of the visit
- What deliverables and milestones the visit directly addressed
- Scientific outcomes of the visit

Also the YR must submit an outreach item to be published on the website about the visit. This item can be anything from a news story to blog or video blog. All innovative ideas are also welcomed in this regard. This item should also be sent to the project office no later than 1 week after the exchange. The report and outreach item should be sent to the project office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)