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Work Package 8

WP 8: Data mining, data management and data dissemination

This Work Package will focus on data management within the PAGE21 project, encompassing data mining, data integration, data archiving, and data dissemination.

Specifically, the Work Package will seek to  inventorize and standardize existing data products relevant to the other Work Packages available at micro-, meso- and global scales. To do so, the Work Package will rely both on already standardized datasets  and on datasets not available to international standards (i.e. grey literature), especially from Russia.

The Work Package will also set up a data management system by building on existing frameworks (i.e.  NSIDC FGDC, ESA DUE Permafrost), compatible with guidelines from global and regional observing systems (GTN-P, GTOS, GCOS, SAON, GCW). This management system will be designed to host ground- level, remote sensing, and model datasets.

WP 8 will also be responsible, in collaboration with WPs 1, 5 and 6, for the archiving and dissemination of "model-ready" input layers through the data management  system. WP 8 will create a web-based graphical interface for data submission, search, and visualization, of both retrieved and produced data products.


WP Coordinator:

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

Principal Investigator:

Hugues Lantuit