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Scientific Implementation of the PAGE21 project

PAGE21 follows two axes of research, both of which cover the entire four years of the project.
The first axis (WPs 2, 3, 4, 5) consists of local observational studies to improve our understanding of the physical (WP2) and biogeochemical (WP3) processes that determine the size, quality and distribution of the arctic carbon and nitrogen pools.
The second axis (WPs 6, 7) aims to improve the representation of permafrost-related processes in the land-surface modules of coupled global climate models (e.g., thermokarst processes, "cold soil" biogeochemistry, permafrost hydrology, snow-vegetation-soil interactions), and to use these improved models to quantify permafrost-related feedbacks.
These two axes are closely linked through a direct and regular transfer of expertise and data into the large-scale modeling activities (WPs 5, 8), including the production of databases covering long time periods for critical, remotely sensed biogeophysical parameters and variables (WP5).
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