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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is one of the three main project coordinating bodies within the PAGE21 project. It prepares decisions concerning every aspect of the project: technical, financial, scheduling, partnerships, dissemination, and exploitation.
The main tasks of the Executive Committee involve:
  • Supervision of the overall progress of the project. It ensures the operation of the project and guarantees that all efforts are focused towards the objectives.
  • Trouble-shooting in the event of conflicts on technical, financial and strategic issues.
  • Authorizing requests for changes and modifications to Work Packages that do not impact on the overall nature of the project.
  • Dissemination, exploitation, and standardisation in accordance with the propositions of the corresponding ACs, WPLs and Committees, and validation of the General Assembly.
The Executive Committee is supported by the Project Office and normally meets 4 to 5 times a year.