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Dr. Margareta Johannsson

M Johansson web 150Dr. Margareta Johansson is a researcher at the Lund University Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science in Sweden.
She has a broad experience in Arctic research, ranging from glaciology/climatology to Arctic ecology and for the last eight years focussing on permafrost in a changing climate in northern Sweden. Her research experience includes helping to coordinate major environmental assessments such as a chapter in the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) on terrestrial ecosystems, and international networks such as "A circumarctic network of Terrestrial Field Bases (SCANNET). She is currently the Executive Secretary for a FP7 EU project INTERACT networking more than 60 research stations in the north.
She was a co-coordinator of the Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN) during 2006-2008 when it was initiated and one of two convening lead authors for two chapters (snow and permafrost) of the 2011 AMAP SWIPA assessment (Snow Water Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic) that is a follow up on the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment focussing on the cryosphere.