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Blog Vorkuta/ Seida 2012: Newcomers

Thursday, 16 August 2012

New group picture, photo by Christina Biasi, University of Eastern FinlandNew group picture, photo by Christina Biasi, University of Eastern Finland
After a few days without a working internet connection finally a new blog-posting! There is a lot going on in Seida and our Tundra site at the moment and our green cabin is crowded with people.

Today we are counting eleven people, which might not sound much but takes some getting used to after several weeks in a relatively small group. The main part of our newcomers are a group of scientists from Helsinki university, which are Minna, Tiina, Laura and Toni, who spent the day taking soil cores with a huge corer that made it possible to drill deep into the permafrost.

Toni and Laura are limnologists will sail across the thermokarst lakes in a small rubber boat.
As promised, you get the group picture today. Christina also arrived and will inspect the site and our work. Hopefully we pass this inspection.

The weather is horrible. Why don't we study tropical ecosystems? we keep thinking. Maybe we will suggest this for next year. Well, there are no moskitos anymore so let's look at the bright side.

LAI-measurement equipment, thoto by Richard Lamprecht, University of Eastern FinlandLAI-measurement equipment, photo by Richard Lamprecht.Otherwise, measurements are going fine, plants start to senescent and permafrost thawing depth is with 30-45 cm at its maximum. Attached is also a picture from the LAI (Leaf area index measurement device) from last week which was used to measure the density of the plant canopy. In addition to that we also do some point frame measurements to determine effects of warming on plant species composition.

More soon, if internet connection allows it.