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Blog Vorkuta/ Seida 2012: Work, work, work...and free

Sunday, 29 July 2012
Green cabin tundra home, photo: Carolina Voigt, University of Eastern FinlandGreen cabin tundra home, photo: Carolina Voigt, University of Eastern FinlandWith the last week's work finished, we managed to walk back to our house in Seida on Friday evening. So, for the first time in a couple of weeks, we enjoyed a well deserved and (almost) free two day weekend in the village.
The last week we started with some lab work in the white cabin and once that was done we continued with the usual CO2, CH4, N2O and accompanying measurements.

This week we faced some changes regarding our field team: Misha, Sasha and Andrej finished their work with us and left was our small group of just three people (Igor, Richard, Carolina) and we divided the work among the three of us and though we were just a small team we were working very effectively. Unfortunately, we also had to get by without our cook this week, so this made it all a bit tough, but we managed. Luckily our cook Zhenja returned yesterday and this weekend we were well fed again.
drinking water with fish, photo: photo: Carolina Voigt, University of Eastern Finlanddrinking water with fish, photo: photo: Carolina Voigt.In the pictures you can get an impression of our field work last week. Especially measurement of the active layer depth is very hard work, at least in the mineral soils. And you can have a look at our drinking water! No, just kidding of course, this is lake water which we use for washing and sealing our gas chambers.

For the CH4 and N2O sampling we had a little bad luck with the weather this week. Due to heavy rain during the measurement we decided to re-measure the next day, as it was impossible to write during this, let alone read the notes afterwards (well prepared scientists that we are, we of course have rain-proof paper, but our field printer doesn't like to print on it). The next day we were met by some better weather conditions and were able to wrap up all our measurements by Friday evening.

We will walk back to the Tundra and our green cabin already this Sunday evening, in order to be able to start with our work right away tomorrow morning. Next week we will get some new team members as well as some visitors later in August, but more about this in our next posting.
active layer Igor - by CarolinaActive layer depth measurements by Igor. Photo by Carolina Voigt. active layer Richard - by Carolina croppedActive layer measurements by Richard. Photo by Carolina Voigt.

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