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Abisko station small MJohanssonAbisko Station. Photo: M.Johansson

The Abisko Research station is located at the shore of Lake Torneträsk in Northern Sweden (68º 21' N, 18º 49' E) approximately 200 Kilometer north of the Arctic Circle. At the site can be found a wide range of ecosystems from pine forest at low altitude in East to alpine tundra in the west. Main human activities in the area include reindeer husbandry, fishing, hunting tourism and research. 

The emphasis of staff research is on plant ecology, geomorphology and meteorology. The main objectives of the ecological projects are to study the dynamics of plant populations, to identify the controlling factors at species latitudinal and altitudinal limits, to understand ecosystem structure and function and to predict impacts of global environmental change. The meteorological projects deal with recent climate changes in the region, and also with local variations of Online Poker the microclimate in sub-alpine and alpine ecosystems. The geomorphology research focuses on the mass wasting of mountains and sediment transport.

Parameters relevant for PAGE21

      • Meteorology with records from 1913 to present
      • Permafrost deep borehole
      • CO2 monitoring
      • CH4 monitoring
      • N2O monitoring
      • Energy exchange
      • Soil Carbon inventory
      • Spectral monitoring

For more information on Abisko field site, please contact Site manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Abisko Scientific Research Station, S- 981 07 Abisko, Sweden
Phone: +46 980 401 79 Fax: +46 980 401 71 or visit the Abisko station website

Field Trips

A research team form the Lund University stayed in Abisko during summer 2012. You can read their blog in here.


 At the end of summer, PAGE21 young researcher Elin Högstöm from Vienna University of Technology traveled to Abisko and told about her work through the blog which is available here.