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The Moscow State University (MSU) is the oldest and largest Educational Centre in Russia. The MSU conducts research in many of the most fundamental issues facing the world today, ranging from nanotechnology to climate change.

The Department of Physics and Melioration of Soils is one of the main departments within the Soil Science Faculty at Moscow State University; it has 40 employees (including 12 Dr. Sci. and 19 PhDs) and approximately 60 students. The education is oriented towards ecology, soil science, and amelioration. The research at the Department of Physics and Melioration of Soils focuses on European part of Russia and Western Siberia.

Moscow State University is a leader in research about the greenhouse gas balance in Western Siberian wetland ecosystems. The research is based on long term cooperation between Soil Science Faculty, the National Institute for Environmental Studies (Tsukuba in Japan) and Yugra State University (Khanty-Mansiysk in Russia).

Over the last 15 years a research group from the Department of Physics and Melioration of Soils has worked with subsurface trace greenhouse gas production and net emissions to the atmosphere under a variety of climatic environments from Novosibirsk (steppe natural zone) to Gyda (Tundra).


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Phone: +7 495 939 4846


Project team

   Mikhail Glagolev, photo: private    
Mikhail Glagolev

Senior Researcher and
Group Leader

Prof. Evgeni Shein

Head of Department "Physics and melioration of soils"
at the Faculty of Soil Sciences at MSU