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The Institute for Biological Problems of Cryolithozone, from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBPC SB RAS) in Yakutsk in Russia conducts investigations in specific conditions of the Extreme North in Asian part of Russia. Scientific study projects of the Institute currently include the development of an integrated network of ecological monitoring of biodiversity in permafrost in the representative areas of the boreal forest, tundra and forest-tundra of Yakutia; investigations into ecological problems and anthropogenic transformation of permafrost ecosystems in Yakutia, as a part of the Asian-Pacific region; and the development of a concept and complex actions on the protection, reproduction and rational use of rare and disappearing flora species in Yakutia. Inventory and monitoring of biodiversity is not only carried out from the ecological point of view but also from taxonomy, biogeography, phylogeny, protection and use of genetic resources ones with participation of several international and intergovernmental organizations of Asian countries.

The highly qualified scientific personnel consists of 117 researchers, including one member of Russian Academy of Sciences, 16 Dr. Sci. and 58 PhDs. The personnel of the Biogeochemical Cycles of Permafrost Ecosystems Laboratory are involved in 24 International scientific projects, involving studies on micrometeorology, plant physiology, biochemistry and soil science, in cooperation with scientific institutions from 14 other countries.
For field work, stations for ecological monitoring have been set up in the Yakutian taiga (in central and southern Yakutia), tundra, and alas (open areas), two of which have mains electricity and are operational year-round. The field sites Spasskaya Pad, Kytalyk/ Chokurdakh are involved in PAGE21, EuroFlux, AsiaFlux and Scannet projects. The station Elgeeii is involved in EuroFlux, AsiaFlux and Scannet projects.


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Project team

 Trofim Maximov

Dr. Sci. Trofim Maximov

Head of the Biogeochemical Cycles of Permafrost
Ecosystems Laboratory at the IBPC with
a research focus on ecology, physiology,
biogeochemistry, soil respiration and
eddy-covariance greenhouse
gases flux measurements by tower observation

Roman Petrov

PhD student at the IBPC

Marina Terentyeva

PhD student at the IBPC