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The Department of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences at Lund University has a long history of research on carbon cycling and the feedback mechanisms on climate that may arise from these ecosystem processes.  The Department has, in recent years, been involved in several research and monitoring activities in relation to climate and environmental change in northern environments.

The group is currently operating permafrost simulation facilities in the laboratory as well as in the field, and is operating at several field sites for monitoring land-atmosphere interactions in northern Sweden as well as in both low- and high-Arctic Greenland. These  sites are connected with ICOS (the Swedish contribution is coordinated from the Department).

The group has a long history of involvement in, and coordination of, numerous EU projects, e.g.,  CARBOEUROFLUX; CARBOMONT; CARBOEUROPEGHG; GREENCYCLES-RTN; CARBOEUROPE-IP; NITROEUROPE-IP; ALARM-IP; and CARBO-EXTREME. The Department also has a long history of  permafrost monitoring in northernmost Sweden; active layer thickness has been measured since the late 1970s, resulting in one of the longest time series in the Arctic.


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