Fram Centre, Norway

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FRAM – High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment (Fram Centre) contributes to maintaining Norway’s prominent status in management of the environment and natural resources in the high North. The Fram Centre is based in Tromsø, and consists of about 500 scientists from 20 Norwegian research institutions involved in interdisciplinary research in the fields of natural science, technology and social sciences. These institutions have extensive research experience and competence in the Arctic. Besides own institutional research the member institutions cooperate on five major research projects (flagships):

     1. Effects of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems, landscapes, 
     society and indigenous peoples

     2. Effects of climate change on sea and coastal ecology in the north

     3. Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean, technology and agreements

     4. Hazardous substances – effects on ecosystems and human health

     5. Ocean acidification and ecosystem effects in Northern waters

These flagships receive a basic annual funding from the Norwegian government (Ministry of the Environment). The Fram Centre is an important arena nationally as well as internationally, and contributes with inputs on climaterelated issues through high quality interdisciplinary research. The centre also contributes to strengthening the connection between research and education.

Fram Centre

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