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The University of Oulu is an international research and innovation university engaged in multidisciplinary basic research and academic education. It is one of the largest universities in Finland with an exceptionally wide academic base. Internationally pioneering research is conducted as a collaboration of different disciplines. the University encompasses eight fields of study: Humanities, Education, Economics and Business, Science, medicine, Dentistry, Health Sciences, and technology. In all, more than 70 different specialist disciplines are represented. The strengths of University of oulu are its broad academic base, top-level research in its chosen focus areas, and quality education.

Thule institute is a multidisciplinary research centre in the field of environmental issues, natural resources and northern issues; one of the University's areas of focus. Thule institute has four operational units: centre for  Arctic medicine, nornet, nortech oulu and oulanka research station. The basis of research consists of three multidisciplinary research programmes: Global change in the north, northern Land Use and Land cover as well as circumpolar Health and Wellbeing. The research programmes are implemented jointly with different units of oulu University, other universities, research institutes and the business sector.

The coordination office for the University of Arctic thematic networks is hosted at the thule institute. Thematic networks foster issues-based cooperation within networks, which are focused but flexible enough to respond quickly to topical Arctic issues. They form a natural framework for development of the University of Arctic education and research, providing an optimal structure for increasing the knowledge generation and sharing across the north.

University of the Arctic Thematic Networks

Thule Institute of the University of Oulu

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