Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland

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The Finnish Meteorological institute is one of the world's leading meteorological institutions that produces highquality observational data and research findings on the atmosphere and seas.   The institute uses its expertise to provide services that promote public safety and enhance wellbeing among people and in the environment. The finnish meteorological institute is a research and service agency under the ministry of transport and communications, Government of Finland.

FMI conducts monitoring and forecasting of sea ice in the Baltic Sea through the finnish ice Service, as well as researching sea surface temperature, waves, sea level and the algal situation in the Baltic Sea. FMIis involved in a number of ice and polar related research projects, and it hosts the services for finnish Antarctic research Logistics (finnArP).

FMI provides the finnish contribution to the Argo programme, concentrating on the Arctic and under-ice conditions, and takes part in the international monitoring of the exchange between the Arctic and the Atlantic. Arctic research centre of finnish meteorological (fmi-Arc) is located in northern finland in the middle of Lapland. In addition to the weather related operational services, FMImanages a number of thematic services.

Finnish Meteorological Institute

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