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The Arctic Portal (AP), located in Akureyri in northern iceland, was welcomed in the ministerial declaration of the Arctic council ministerial meeting in Salekhard 2006. it is a comprehensive gateway to Arctic information and data on the internet, increasing information sharing and co-operation among Arctic stakeholders and granting exposure to Arctic related information and data. AP is a network of high international recognition and importance in Arctic information and data management and sharing. it consults, supports and serves as a host to many of the most important databases and websites in a circumpolar context, supporting co-operation, data sharing and outreach in science, education and policymaking.

The AP staff work closely with the Arctic council, its working groups, projects and members giving them an extraordinary overview and knowledge of current Arctic issues, including the development of the Arctic councils Sustaining Arctic observation networks SAon. AP is managing, in close cooperation with the University of the Arctic, the development of the Arctic Atlas project and the Virtual Learning tools project, the future in distanceand Arctic education. AP has been an important component in iPY, hosting the website and facilitating iPY legacy.

The Arctic Portal hosts and supports many websites of high European relevance, including: the international Permafrost Association iPA; International Arctic Science Committee IASc; Association of Polar Early career Scientists APECS; various indigenous organisations including indigenous Peoples Secretariat - IPS and international centre for reindeer Husbandry ICR; the Arctic Hydra project; Sustaining Arctic observation networks SAon, International Arctic Social Sciences Association - iASSA and many more. the participation of the Arctic Portal will include the participation of its highly valuable Arctic partners through the recently established Akureyri Arctic cooperation centre, bringing added scientific, social, political, technical and outreach knowledge of high European relevance.

Arctic Portal

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