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Finland and Rovaniemi have played a key role in the history of the Arctic. the current circumpolar Arctic cooperation started when the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy was signed in Rovaniemi in 1991 after the initiative of Finland. This resulted in the establishment of the Arctic Council in Ottawa in 1996. EU´s Northern Dimension Policy was also initiated in Rovaniemi in 1997. And, the extensive circumpolar co-operative network by universities and colleges, the University of Arctic, was formally launched there in 2001.

The Arctic centre of the University of Lapland (Rovaniemi, Finland) was founded in 1989. Today it is a national and international Arctic information producer and centre of excellence, which conducts multidisciplinary research about changes in the Arctic region and their impacts. The research in the Arctic centre is carried out in three research units: Arctic Global change, Arctic Sustainable Development and the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law. The Arctic Centre has lead and participated to numbers of Arctic international research and outreach projects funded by EU. The Arctic Centre has a permanent Science Centre exhibition and long experience in Arctic outreach and communications. It is also running the official Barents Euro-Arctic Region information system and has wide circumpolar cooperation networks. currently, the Arctic Centre has a staff of about 50 people. The Centre is located in the Arktikum House by ounas-river which is one of the main tourist attractions in Lapland, visited by about 80 000 tourists annually.

Arctic Centre

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