Committee on Polar research Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

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THe Committee on Polar research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CPR PAS) was established in 1975. It is a panel of experienced research fellows, representing a variety of scientific disciplines from more than twenty scientific institutions in Poland. the activities of the committee are determined by Scientific Board, and substantial work is conducted in five sub-committees on climatology and Polar Glaciology; oceanology and Ecology of Polar Seas; Ecology and the Development of Polar terrestrial Landscapes; Surveying, Geophysics and Geology of the Polar Areas and Social Sciences and the History of Polish Polar research.

The primary tasks of the committee are:
- the consolidation and coordination of scientific activities of polar researchers and stimulation for cooperation
between universities and other scientific institutions as well as private and government economic entities.
- Scientific patronage and assistance in the development of national research infrastructures in the Arctic and
Antarctic and preparation for Polish participation in forthcoming international Polar Decade .
- Preparation and management of Arctic Science Summit Week in 2013 in Poland.

Polish Polar committee administers the work of 400 Polish scientists and over 5 000 students of whom many are working in the Arctic and Antarctic. Their skills and knowledge will be used in the consolidation of a new European Arctic information network.

The Committee on Polar research of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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