Changing Nature of Arctic Fisheries

This factsheet has been drafted as a basis for consultations with stakeholders within the EU Arctic Impact Assessment. The final report will be available in Spring 2014, and will constitute an outcome of developing the content of this factsheet partly in the light of input from stakeholders.

Fisheries and aquaculture make crucial contributions to the world's well-being and prosperity. Sub-Arctic fisheries represent about 5% of the overall global catch. Historically fisheries are a key industry and employer across the Arctic, with some communities almost wholly reliant on fisheries and fish processing for their economic survival. Fisheries are still of importance for many northern communities. 

This factsheet highlights:
- Driving forces of changes in fisheries, including impacts of climate change,
- Environmental and socio-economic impacts of fishing industry,
- Acquaculture developments in the European Arctic,
- The importance of Arctic fisheries for the EU,
- The influence of the EU on fisheries in the Arctic.


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